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Biscayne Bay overlooking Miami Beach from the Upper East Side.
Biscayne Bay overlooking Miami Beach from the Upper East Side.

Not your typical language geeks…

(Ok, maybe a little)

Our Miami-based company relies on an eclectic group of experts in their areas of specialization who share a common ground: A passion for languages and the written word.

We are a kaleidoscope of professionals from different paths of life — linguists, editors, lawyers, scientists, and engineers driven by a desire to design and create content that is equally accurate, functional, and linguistically aesthetic.

The dream

 What started as vision of doing what we love with people we like, turned into great collaboration, teamwork and friendship. 

Who brought us together?

Enter, Daniela Guanipa. Part curator, part coordinator and fully dedicated translator and interpreter, she is the bond that keeps us together and pushing forward as a team. 

After almost two decades of experience as a freelancer, Daniela’s next natural step was to bring her awesome team of colleague-collaborators under one roof.

And that’s how Glossa was born.


Have a project in mind?

We are here to assist you! Whether it is a small document or a conference, we can help you connect and communicate with your intended audience. 

Language Architects providing translation and interpreting services through a fusion of creativity and methodology. 

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