Glossa Language Consulting & Translation and Daniela Guanipa help our organization achieve its mission of protecting the rights and welfare of clinical research participants.

As an institutional review board (IRB), Schulman IRB oversees clinical trials to help ensure study participants comprehend the potential risks and benefits of the study. Federal regulations require that this information be presented in a manner understandable to participants. For non-English speaking participants, it’s particularly important to choose the right words to convey the information as clearly as possible.

We work in a specialized, highly regulated industry, and the medical terminology used in clinical trial materials can be challenging. In addition to the excellent translation work she provides, Daniela serves as our mediator with other translators Schulman works with, ensuring that translations use consistent and accurate language for all study documents.

Daniela also created a comprehensive style guide and glossary for use by all of Schulman’s translation vendors. The content standards she developed for us far exceed that available from larger corporate translation providers, and our other translation partners love having these easy-to-use, quality tools.

Daniela is very responsive and friendly, and she is always professional. While we typically work together via phone and email, she makes it a point to stop by in person when she is in the area. We greatly value the support and guidance Daniela provides our organization and consider her a vital member of our team.

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